General rescinds 'Period of Reflection'

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Effective immediately, Brig. Gen. Ken Wilsbach, 18th Wing commander, has concluded the "Period of Reflection" instituted Sept. 24.

"I am concluding today the Period of Reflection I instituted last week," General Wilsbach said. "I appreciate everyone who took advantage of thistime to consider the standards we are expected to live by, and the impact that failure to meet those standards can have on our ability to conduct military operations here on Okinawa."

The general added the point of the "Period of Reflection" was to do just that, reflect. It was not meant as a punishment, but rather anopportunity for all of us to reflect on wingman and personalresponsibilities with respect to use of alcohol.

"During this time, you should have considered how important it is to be, and to have, a good wingman," he said. "And for those who drink alcohol, I hope you took the opportunity to evaluate steps you should take tomake sure you're always a responsible drinker."