'Period of Reflection' instituted for Airmen on Okinawa; curfew, alcohol policy revised

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Due to recent alcohol-related incidents at Kadena, the 18th Wing Commander has instituted a "period of reflection" for Air Force personnel assigned to Kadena Air Base effective immediately which restricts alcohol consumption as well as curfew hours for Air Force personnel assigned to Okinawa.

According to the policy letter, it will remain in effect until it is rescinded.

The period of reflection applies to all active duty Airmen either temporarily or permanently serving on Okinawa. It also applies to Guard and Reserve Airmen in Title 10 active duty status. This policy does not apply to Okinawa Airmen on leave or TDY outside Okinawa prefecture.

This policy requires all Airmen to be on base or in their off-base residences between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., seven days a week, regardless of Blue or Silver Liberty Card status. The only authorized exceptions are for official duty. Airmen desiring exception to this policy must submit a letter to their unit commander.

Alcohol consumption
Until further notice, all Airmen are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, except inside on-base or off-base residences, and on Okuma Recreational Facility. This alcohol prohibition applies 24-hours a day, and not just during restricted curfew hours. In other words, there is no drinking alcohol at any off-base drinking establishments or base clubs.

Official duty travel during curfew
Airmen issued a Blue or Silver Liberty Card may be off-base and outside of off-base quarters during restricted hours in the performance of their duties. When traveling during these hours, they are to travel directly to-and-from their destination and are not authorized stops off-base along the way. Only in an emergency may people deviate from their direct routes during curfew hours. For the purpose of this order, Unit Physical Training, individual PT, and purchasing meals during the duty period is considered official duty.

The information contained in this article is not all-encompassing and is only meant to be an overview. People should read the entire policy letter here.