Airmen continue to improve dormitory

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Aaron Cram
  • 353rd Special Operations Group
The Airmen living in dormitory 758 have a habit of staying busy while they're at their dorm. They're busy working to make their dormitory the best they possibly can.

The dorm residents', who are predominately 353rd Special Operations Group and 18th Medical Group Airmen, have a history putting a lot of work into their dorm and show no sign of slowing down even though they won the base's last Dorm of the Quarter Award and the $2,000 that goes along with it.

"We are all proud we could come together with a common goal and help the dorm win the competition," said Senior Airman Brian Schutz, the dorm chief and dorm council vice president for dorm 758. "But we need to keep up the hard work and give the future dorm councils and residents the tools they need to keep our dorm in top condition."

Before winning the competition, the residents were busy with several improvement projects that included the day rooms on the first three floors. The improvements to the first and second floor consisted mostly of painting and replacing furniture and equipment. The third floor dayroom improvement was a complete transformation to a movie room. The residents painted the room, replaced the base boards, and installed a large flat-screen television and leather movie-style chairs.

On top of improving their dorms, the Airmen of dorm 758 are looking out for other dorm residents. After all of their improvements, they donate all of their old equipment to other dorms that need it.

Master Sgt. Elie Glover, 1st Special Operations Squadron first sergeant and an advisor to the dorm council, said he's proud of how the dorm residents effectively worked together and continuously take responsibility for their dorm.

"The Airmen of dorm 758 are certainly leading the way," he said. "As a dorm council, they solicit ideas from all residents on potential projects that they can do to improve their dorm. They have also implemented a monthly dorm clean up schedule that focuses on maintaining the dorm year round. But I'm most impressed with how the Airmen decided to donate furniture and equipment to another dorm in need in the midst of the competition. Knowing I have Airmen assigned to a dorm that are willing to provide solutions to their issues and improve the quality of life of others makes me proud. They are true wingmen."

The latest project the residents undertook was to improve the landscaping outside their dorm Feb. 28. The Airmen added more flowers, plants and bushes and created a stone path to a side entrance, but are far from done with improvements for the dorm.

"This is our home and we want to continue to have that home feeling when you walk into dorm 758," said Airman Schutz. "We are in the process of turning the fourth floor dayroom into a game room so all floors will offer something different. Also, the council is always brainstorming for new ideas and projects at the meeting we hold every month."