SOG Top 3 holds lunch and learn

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kristine Dreyer
  • 353rd Special Operations Group
The 353rd Special Operations Group Top 3 held a lunch and learn August 13, 2015 at Kaden Air Base, Japan to help Airmen understand how promotion boards are held.

“Everything I covered in the session can be found online,” said Senior Master Sgt. Terry Wright, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron. “Our goal with this lunch and learn was to help break down the information, so everyone can truly understand how the promotion system works. There is a lot of information out there to digest, so hopefully this helps it not seem so overwhelming.”

Along with providing the attendees with lunch, the Top 3 went over the promotion board process. Since this was the first year a board was held for promotion to master sergeant, the session focused mainly on that; however, the information applies to all enlisted ranks.

“This information helps an individual reach that next level of leadership,” said Chief Master Sgt. Gilbert Edwards, 353rd Special Operations Group command chief. “They not only educate themselves on the Air Force promotion system, but they can take this back to their workcenters and mentor other Airmen.”

During the session, the Top 3 covered who sits on the board, what the board members look for and how board scores are computed. Attendees also had an opportunity to ask for advice and get questions answered.

“I left the meeting with more than just a full stomach,” said Master Sgt. Christopher Conwell, 353rd Special Operations Group, inspector general office. “It was great to see all the different units attend and to get their questions answered directly. It was a candid mentorship moment that we all agreed is needed and should be repeated.”

Before the session ended, the command chief and Top 3 members asked for feedback and suggestion on what the next lunch learn will cover. The group decided to continue to build on the topic and cover what it means to be a well-rounded Airmen next.