STS Airmen complete DARC training

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman John Linzmeier
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from the 320th Special Tactics Squadron completed Direct Action Resource Center training with a mobile training team on the Camp Hansen range Nov. 20.

The training was held locally in order to reduce the costs that were once used to send entire STS teams back stateside. Instructors modified the course to fit the local training grounds while still meeting all training requirements.

“The mobile training team made it possible for operators from several organizations to train together at locations that are available to us on a regular basis. This allows us to better build follow-on concepts for future tactical training on-island,” said 1st Lt. Blaze Dunn, 320th STS special tactics officer.

Drills went late into early morning hours over a two-week period as STS Airmen practiced combat marksmanship, close-quarter combat and advanced urban warfare to patrol villages, recover personnel and secure shoot houses held by enemy role players using night vision googles and other tactical equipment.

The first week entailed a progressive train up from pistol and rifle fundamentals, leading into combat applications with the weapon systems, said a combat controller from the 320th STS.

During the second week, the class focused on advanced urban warfare, which required students to apply the skills learned during the first week in confined quarters using buildings and small mock villages.

Throughout the exercises pararescuemen, combat controllers and force reconnaissance marines developed skills they will use to integrate both within the Special Operations Forces enterprise and in support of conventional forces, preparing the operators for a multitude of contingencies to be executed at any time.

“This is training focused on close quarters combat and weapons handling which equates to a basic combat lifesaving skill,” said a combat controller. “It requires the experts in the business to teach and oversee in order to ensure our operators are trained to the highest standard.”

Special tactics Airmen also applied combat medicine and extracted mock casualties after the targets were secured. Volunteers from various units on Kadena Air Base and Camp Kinzer played the roles of hostages to be rescued and aggressors to be neutralized.
“The 320th has deployed numerous personnel recently and training like this has ensured that they have been capable of fully integrating into the various SOF teams to which they have been attached,” said a combat controller, “This successful integration allows them to bring the full brunt of airpower to bear on our nation's enemies.”